Hotel and gastronomy marketing
to increase your visibility

Marketing - How to target customers

Hotel marketing and gastronomy marketing are more important today than ever before due to digitalization in the hospitality industry. We increase the awareness of your hotel or gastronomy with effective marketing. We advise you on the subject of marketing or take over the operational side for you to the desired extent.

What are the benefits of a hotel marketing and gastronomy marketing at agere. GmbH?

  • You increase the awareness of your business and brand and reach a larger target group
  • You attract new guests and create customer loyalty with appropriate marketing measures.
  • We advise you on possible marketing campaigns that make sense for you and your hotel or restaurant business.
  • We create suitable advertising for you as a print version or for your online presence
  • We advise you on all aspects of social media or take over the creation and management of your channels for you.
  • We advise you how to improve your website on Google by means of SEO (search engine optimization) and thus secure a higher ranking.

What aspects does good hotel marketing include?

  • You position yourself appealingly on the market for your guests
  • You use Channel Manager
  • You have a flexible revenue management by making your prices reasonable
  • The right mix of print and online advertising, tailored to the target group
  • You are findable as a hotel for your customers via Google and not only on page 2
  • You use your corporate identity to create trust and a recognition effect among your customers, suppliers and employees

You don’t have a corporate identity? We will help you with the creation!

What aspects does good gastronomy marketing include?

  • You regularly use your food and beverages for promotional activities.
  • You build a large online community as well as offline community to attract new guests
  • Regular planning, organization and implementation of attractive campaigns and events
  • Regularly review guest satisfaction with your service and products offered.

What can hotel marketing and restaurant marketing help you with in the long term?

  • For a faster purchase decision of the guests
  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Increase in the number of guests and guest loyalty
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Creation of various communication platforms
  • Regular contact with your guests
  • Long-term acquisition of new customers

Our clients bring a wide variety of marketing knowledge and experience to the table. We put together an individual marketing package for each of our customers. Your marketing package could look like this:


Sven Kornberger
Junior Consultant
Phone: +49 (0) 211 – 730 600 10

Digital hotel or restaurant marketing package

In the Digital Marketing Package you secure the most important online channels for your business! This package is suitable, especially if you:

  • Do not have an online presence
  • Want to expand your online presence with additional channels
  • Want to have your existing channels professionally managed!

Depending on your wishes, we can take over one or more of your online channels for you. Create posts, images, story’s, reels and more according to your specifications. We inform your online community about the latest happenings in your hotel or restaurant.


  • more time for you and your employees for the operational business
  • Increase your brand awareness without much effort through the best possible playout of your reach message.
  • Attract more customers to your products and services and ultimately generate more sales!

Print Marketing

You regularly need professional print material such as flyers, brochures and other information material for your guests to hand out. No problem, we guarantee that too!

  • Print media such as flyers, wedding/meeting folders, menus or posters in various sizes in your own corporate design.
  • Through regular giveaways in the style of your hotel or gastronomy, you create a recognition effect of your brand
  • Your guests will talk about your unique products.

We design your desired medium, according to your ideas or present you our own design proposals.


  • Not a petty marketing agency that charges you for every phone call.
  • All products adjusted according to your wishes until it suits you!
  • The 1st correction loop is always 100% free of charge

Marketing subscription

Do you have a fixed marketing budget and are looking for a long-term marketing partner? We enable long-term marketing activities individually according to your investment possibilities and will be happy to create a marketing plan with you as well!

  • We will put together a proposal according to your budget and find the right mix of online and print media to best support your business.
  • Benefit from all the advantages
  • Delivering attractive content on a regular basis is difficult. Profitieren Sie von allen Vorteilen
  • And we can do even more! Video editing, image editing, merchandises and much more.

Request your individual marketing package tailored to your business now! Request your individual marketing package tailored to your business now!

Not convinced yet? Here is more!

What aspects can the agere. GmbH still afford for your hotel marketing or gastronomy marketing?

Website optimization SEO

An attractive website, fast loading times not only on the PC but even more important on the cell phone are nowadays important criteria to make it on page 1 in Google for certain keywords.

Any website should roughly try to keep 2 important points at a high level, which are further subdivided into several points within. This will increase your visibility.

Onpage factors: they include everything related to your hotel website or hospitality website. This includes the pagespeed (loading time until the website is loaded on the respective device), the content structure and the content itself and much more.

Offpage factors: This includes, for example, how often you are mentioned by other website, social media sites or the news.

Good marketing also includes the findability of your website!

People from your immediate circle probably already know you. But what about customers outside your local radius? How will your hotel or restaurant be found by customers who are merely visiting your city or looking for a suitable vacation spot? 

Many customers have never thought about this. In the process, several customers are lost every day because no one has ever thought about their own findability on the web.

As marketing experts, we scan your website for weak points and help you successively, to optimize your findability.