Hotel consulting - practically at your side

Hotel consulting

Take your business to the next level and benefit from the expertise of agere consultants. We have many years of experience and can therefore provide clear and practical recommendations for action for your hotel business, as hotel experts in our consulting.

Why do hoteliers choose agere for hotel consulting?

As a business owner, you don’t have the time to be perfectly versed in all aspects of your industry. We bring in our expertise in a practical way and you reach your goal faster.

Bring certainty to your business planning. With agere’s hotel consultants at your side, you can be sure that your problems will be solved. 

Our promise of quality: The end result of your project will most likely be of higher quality than a result done by yourself. Because through us you have access to a broad market knowledge, which we apply specifically and individually to your companies.

Through our many years of experience, we have already been faced with a multitude of problems from our consulting clients. We can thus pass on the resulting solution approaches to our new consulting customers in a practice-proven manner.

Who does agere advise?

Hoteliers and restaurant owners:We advise the hotel and restaurant industry on optimizing their business or on specific projects. Profitability, positioning and digitization are just some of the topics.

Start-ups: In our start-up coaching, start-ups receive important support in planning their business. We accompany founders from the laying of the foundation stone and advise you holistically from the conception to the financing to the opening of your self-employment. State subsidies of up to € 4,000 can be applied for.(Germany) We will also be happy to assist you in applying for funding.

Banks and investors: For banks and investors, but especially for your long-term success in the hotel industry, we prepare feasibility studies and other expert opinions through which we investigate whether your project is economically viable in the long term.

Cities and municipalities: Strengthening the regional economy or increasing the attractiveness of the city through an interesting  hotel project? In the case of cities and municipalities, we check the regional relevance of projects and go in search of suitable existing projects.

What questions do agere clients ask in advance of hotel consulting?

  • How do I manage to run my accommodation business economically?
  • How can I save my hotel?
  • What are the trends in the hotel and restaurant industry?
  • How should I specifically position myself in the market?
  • How do I start my own hotel?
  • Which marketing measures should I use?
  • How do I reach new guests or get a regular clientele?
  • How do I get government funding for my business?
  • At which points in the hotel does digitization make sense?

We can provide a suitable and reliable answer to all questions either immediately or after reviewing your data. Here, we will always make a scaled recommendation for action so that it can also be implemented in your hotel.

What does hotel consulting by agere look like?

As a rule, we advise our clients over a longer period of time. Consultation periods of 3 – 12 months have become established. Over this period of time, we can guarantee sustainable consulting and long-term success for our client. Trust is important for any consultation. That is why we always start with a free initial consultation.


Robert Reznizak
Managing Director
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