Gastronomy consulting - efficient and effective

Gastronomy consulting - From hosts for hosts

Bring your restaurant into an economically profitable future with a gastronomy consulting by agere. GmbH. We uncover your optimization opportunities and effectively exploit the full potential of your gastronomic operation.

Our gastronomy consulting includes a wide range of services. We efficiently gain the most important information about your individual gastronomy, your system gastronomy, your bar or your café and provide you with targeted, detailed recommendations for action.

When does gastronomy consulting make sense?

You should consider a gastronomy consulting if you would agree with at least would agree with at least
one of the following points:

  • My business was doing well until a while ago, but now I’m running out of guests
  • My guests are going to a competitor
  • My guests are dissatisfied
  • My revenue numbers no longer cover, or only marginally cover,
    my Costs
  • The profit at the end of the month is missing
  • I cannot find any qualified employees for the gastronomy

What services does gastronomy consulting include?

Holistic gastronomy consulting covers a variety of aspects. With our many years of experience in the food & beverage sector, we can offer you our expertise as gastronomy experts. With us you cover the areas of:

  • Food & Beverage Management,
  • Food and beverage calculation (e.g. surcharge calculation, prime cost calculation)
  • Merchandise management,
  • Product development, product maintenance and product innovation,
  • Controlling,
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing & logistics,
  • Hygiene management (HACCP)
  • personnel management,

enitrely, so that your success is guaranteed.

How can I benefit from consulting for my foodservice business?

Our gastronomy consultants not only provide you with solutions We also empower you to apply the strategies from the consulting in a long-term and sustainable way. We show you We show you

  • how to bind guests to your gastronomy in the long term
  • how to attract more and new guests
  • how to use methods to develop products that are then most likely to be accepted and purchased by your guests on your menu. Putting new dishes and drinks on the menu and removing them again costs you too much time! No more endless testing
  • how to calculate your products that are actually profitable

We are at your disposal for any of your concerns. Just contact us without obligation and we will make you an offer or discuss your situation.

A little gastro check up as an appetizer?

We would like to convince you by one of our gastronomy consultants coming once to your business and giving you a picture of the ACTUAL state of your business.

We put your restaurant, bar or café through its paces. On one day we carry out a small health check-up. Afterwards you will receive a report from us, which will show you possible weak points, potentials and chances. Should you require further advice afterwards, we will be happy to assist you.


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