The expert opinion

It often requires an expert assessment to make strategic decisions. The consultants and hotel experts of agere offer reliable assessments, which are regarded by banks and investors as reliable expert opinions. The expert opinions form the basis for the financing, marketing or realization of hotel projects or gastronomy projects as well as the sale of existing properties.

Expert opinions can answer the following questions

You may be asking yourself, for example:

  • What is my hotel or restaurant worth?
  • How great is the market demand for a new gastronomy concept in my city?
  • How profitable will my hotel be in the future?

For this purpose, the holistic macro environment of your business is analyzed by the consultants. Based on the analysis, market values for existing properties as well as profitability forecasts for planned properties can be prepared.

Why have an expert opinion prepared by agere. GmbH?

In our appraisals, we always pay attention to the quality criteria. Objectivity, reliability and validity are not foreign words to us, but the basis for meaningful expert opinions, which we observe in quantitative evaluations. Likewise, transparency, intersubjectivity and range reflect qualitative evaluations. In this way, we not only guarantee reliable expert opinions, but also ensure that the results are comprehensible to our clients, decision-makers and other parties involved.

What types of expert opinions can we offer you?

Our portfolio of expert opinions includes:

  • Expert opinions / assessments of planned projects
  • market value assessment
  • Leasehold appraisal
  • Leasehold valuation
  • Financing appraisals
  • Redevelopment expert opinion
  • Feasibility study for your planned hotel or restaurant
  • Competition and location analyses


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