Digitale transformation

Digitize hotel and gastronomy

Digitalization in the hotel and gastronomy industry serves to optimize processes. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, the improvement and simplification of processes is necessary. Employees are relieved by new technologies and potential sources of error, for example through human interfaces, are reduced.

Digitization encompasses all areas of the customer journey: starting with the generation of attention for a hotel or restaurant through social media campaigns, through an intuitive homepage with a built-in online booking engine (booking screen) and fully automated check-in / check-out, to customer relationship management. Digitization can simplify a variety of processes and sustainably enhance the guest experience.

Due to the great market power of online travel agencies such as, a large number of bookings are now generated online. A perfect interaction of property management system (hotel software) and booking platforms is therefore indispensable for good hotel processes. The perfect symbiosis can be ensured, for example, by using a channel manager.

What digital possibilities do you have with us?

Non-specialist IT and software companies may offer you the latest and greatest software you can get. But which of the programs and tools actually prove themselves in everyday use? Here we can offer you practical experience and industry-specific for the hotel and restaurant industry our support.

For the following technologies agere can advise you or support you in the implementation:

  • Property Management System / Hotel Software
  • Channelmanager ith connection to online travel agencies
  • Revenue Management Systeme / Automated Price Control
  • Automated check-in / check-out systems
  • Technologization of hotel rooms
  • Distribution technologies in connection with e-commerce

Digitalization in the hotel industry brings many opportunities and can ensure the decisive competitive advantage over competitors. Through agere’s individual consulting services, technology concepts can be customized to meet a hotel’s specific needs. Here, agere’s consultants can choose from a rich portfolio of service providers.

Advantages of digitalization by agere. at a glance

Your benefits from digitalization by agere tailored to your needs and operations:

  • Examination of the need for digitization
  • Tailored and individual selection of service providers
  • Fast implementation through installation support
  • Additional staff training by agere employees
  • Permanent contact person in case of queries
  • Benefit from special conditions with service providers through agere

Move into the digital future with agere’s consultants. We will be happy to examine the possibilities of digitization for you and accompany you along the way.

Bring your business into a Digital Future together with us and make everyday work easier for you and your employees.


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