Business start-up - Your own hotel or restaurant

Setting up a business - consulting for a successful start

The way to self-employment is not easy and characterized by bureaucratic hurdles. However, detailed and professional preparation can simplify and optimize this process. Our team of experts will support you from the first steps to the opening of your own business and even beyond. Benefit from our many years of practical experience, our extensive network and our sound theoretical knowledge.


  • The creation, further development or review of your business plan
  • Checking and applying for subsidies
  • The search for a suitable hotel or gastronomy property
  • The search for and negotiation with investors, strategic business partners and suitable suppliers
  • Feasibility studies
  • The market launch of your company in the first two years after opening.

Personal contact with you and the advancement of your business idea is particularly important to us. Starting with the business plan and ending with the search for the right property, we focus on your wishes and requirements.

What you have to pay attention to when founding a restaurant or hotel:

In addition to the normal challenges of setting up a business, the hotel and restaurant business has its own special requirements. Starting with requirements for you as an employer, through fire protection concepts to HACCP regulations (hygiene regulations), we show you what you need to pay attention to and what you need to think about. Here, we will actively support you so that not only will your opening be a complete success, but you will also be able to establish a long-term profitable business at your location.

Regulatory requirements for restaurants and hotels

Which official requirements apply to the gastronomy and hotel industry and which other points are relevant?

  • Which legal form is suitable for my business?
  • Do I meet the requirements of the GastG (Gaststättengesetz)?
  • Am I aware of the necessary HACCP regulations?
  • Which fire protection regulations apply and must be complied with?
  • What rights and obligations do I have as a host? What rights do guests have?
  • How do I create a legally compliant menu, including including the labeling of allergens and additives?
  • How do I want to position myself in terms of personnel?
  • Which regulations must be observed for the kitchen? (e.g. immission control law)

The list of questions to be clarified goes on and on, and each preceding topic is complex. As foundation experts, we prepare everything for you in such a comprehensible way that you meet all requirements 100 percent.

Defending your business plan in front of the bank and investors

Basically, external financiers are always critical when it comes to investing in a restaurant or hotel start-up. Corona and the fear of new lockdowns has not made this any easier. On the contrary

How do I convince external financiers?

With us on your side, you create enough trust to convince potential financiers:

  • Through a neutral review of your business plan/concept by agere. GmbH as experts in the hotel and gastronomy industry
  • Taking part in a start-up coaching (optional) to acquire, consolidate or expand all the important skills of an entrepreneur in the hotel and gastronomy industry.
  • With the help of our neutral expert assessment of your concept you create confidence
  • This gives you the opportunity to correct any weaknesses.
  • Through intensive preparation in the founder coaching, you will withstand all critical questions and make your concept palatable to potential financiers.
  • If you wish, we will be happy to attend the bank meeting with you.


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